Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Voted

At least in theory, I am not a fan of "Early Voting." I've already expressed my reservations on this blog before - mainly because I still like the symbolism of the entire country acting together, voting on the same day in a common civic performance. The restriction of early voting in some jurisdictions in the interest of partisan voter suppression, however, has cause me to re-evaluate my view. Anyway, as in past years, convenience has taken precedence for me, and so I too have voted early again this year.
(For my previous observations on the practice, go to:

Aside from symbolic and other such considerations, in a situation where most people have long since decided how to vote, there may seem to be little reason to wait until the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. And, in a year when many are already tired of an election campaign that has gone on too long and has been less than edifying, it may feel good to put it all behind by voting early. For a tired and discomforted electorate, it also invites us to start to imagine American national life after November 8.

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