Friday, January 6, 2017

On the 13th Day of Christmas

One of the many oddities of our contemporary liturgical calendar - at least for Catholics in the United States - is that the Epiphany this year will be celebrated two days after its true date - on January 8 instead of today. So, in effect, yesterday's "12th Day of Christmas" was not really the last "Day of Christmas" this year. The calendar reform has given us this year an additional 13th and 14th Days of Christmas, today and tomorrow!

So, in the spirit of the classic carol, what gifts should be given on these extra days? For today, this "13th Day of Christmas," might one suggest calendars (with the proper date of Epiphany marked on them)? 

On the 13th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 13 calendars-a-counting,  ...

Any suggestions for tomorrow's "14th Day of Christmas"?

(Photo: The Journey of the Magi, by Stefano di Giovanni, 15th century)

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