Wednesday, March 24, 2010


For the past several years, I have found myself looking forward to Wednesday more than any other day of the week (except, of course, the Lord’s Day). Why? Well, every Wednesday morning, I have breakfast with a small group of friends in a local Manhattan diner. On any given Wednesday, the conversation can span a multitude of topics. We may talk about everything from how soon scrambled eggs should be eaten after they are cooked to the benefits of the new Health Care Reform legislation to the latest interesting (or not so interesting) thing that’s happened in our individual lives. But the point is not so much what we talk about but what we say to one another by being there.
In a world in which one can be reached - and can reach out in turn – by phone and email virtually 24 hours a day, it is still possible to feel alone and isolated much of the time. Aristotle’s astute observation that without friendship life would hardly be bearable is every bit as true now as it was some 23 centuries ago. (Despite all claims to the contrary, human nature and what makes for human well-being haven’t changed much, if at all).
So thanks for Wednesdays and to the good friends who make Wednesdays something to look forward to!

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