Friday, January 18, 2013


A couple of days of rain finally turned into snow yesterday - the thick wet kind, but beautiful nonetheless. This morning, the bright sun made it all sparkle - even as it signaled the start of a rapid melt as the temperature climbs up to the 40s. (My first "snow day" since the two Roman blizzards I lived through last February!)
Besides being beautiful to look at, the snow did what snow is supposed to do. It slowed everything down. We gave the cook the night off, and I cobbled together a bit of dinner for three of us, and we even had some actual community time. The sattelite TV signal was out. So actual conversation was possible.
And it was all a great distraction from Te'o and Lance Armstrong and other celebrity silliness.As a member of the minority of Americans that really couldn't care less about either football or cycling, I've tried my best to ignore our national obsession with the personal foibles of celebrity athletes.
Does that mean I am incurably disconnected from popular culture?
Does it matter?

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