Saturday, May 4, 2013

"100 Totally Awesome Blogs by Catholic Priests"

Occasionally, I get comments on something I have posted - often comments from people I do not know, which is encouraging, I suppose, since it means people are actually reading what I write here! I also sometimes get some comments (or at least "likes") on Facebook, where I routinely link this blog. Beyond that, I have absolutely no idea, how many people might be actually reading what I write here. But, in the nature of what this is, I think that not having a known and identified audience is ok really. I just write what I write because I find it wothwhile to do so. If others in turn find it worthwhile to read it, so much the better!
But this past week I received a message from, which defines its core mission as being "to encourage safe dating among Catholic singles." Since I am not exactly in that category, that's a site I had never had occasion to hear of before! Anyway, it seems that, being a Catholic-oriented site, also occasionally compiles lsits of other "Catholic-themed sites" for its audience. This week it has complied a list of what it calls "100 Totally Awesome Blogs by Catholic Priests." And City Father has made that list! One can find the full list at:
I took a quick look at the list. It is, as it says, a listing of 200 blogs by  Catholic priests. ("Catholic priests" here also includes 4 bishops and a cardinal! So I am certainly in some good company!) The list describes the blog thus: "Fr. Ronald Franco, a member of the Paulist Fathers, writes about world events, political happenings, and Church news."

Thank you to whoever took the trouble to compile this list for judging my modest words worthy to be included! And thank you to all who read my these pages!

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