Monday, May 2, 2011

A Good Day for the World

As Winston Churchill famously observed after the RAF's victory in the Battle of Britain, it wasn't the end, or even the beginning of the end, but was at least the end of the beginning. Yesterday's successful assault on Osama Ben Laden's hideout certainly does not mean the end of terrorism (or of our War on Terrorism). It will not usher in a new era of happy-ever-after. But it does terminate the career of one of the worst mass murderers of our time, which itself is certainly something to be thankful for, and it ends at least one chapter in the War on Terrorism, the chapter that began so tragically on a late summer day in September almost 10 years ago.

Limited accomplishments are still accomplishments. Most victories are ultimately limited, but limited victories are still victories. And this was certainly a great victory for the US and for the entire civilized world. Once again, the American military showed what it can do, and their accomplishment deserves unqualified praise.

The President and the military have reminded us of the serious matters which are what we have a government for - a timely reminder for our distracted society, so ill-served by the media-driven circus that has become our substitute for true politics and serious citizenship.


  1. Well said, father. The exact date, 45 years after another mass murderer's
    death was announced: Hitler's. May 1st is turning out
    to be a good date indeed.

  2. Funny, I was also reminded of Winston Churchill's comment. Only I thought it was after the British victory in Tobruk, rather than after the Battle of Britain. Appropriate, regardless of the origin.