Wednesday, June 8, 2016

They're Off and Running!

It is one of the many unfortunate oddities of the way our presidential election process has been "reformed"over the past 40 years that it now consists of two (lengthy) phases - the primary/caucus phase and the general election phase - with the traditional party conventions largely vestigial relics of their formerly significant selves. Be that as it may, with yesterday's big primaries - particularly in New Jersey and California - the first phase has finally (mercifully) ended. Now the two real candidates are off and running.

To no one's surprise - except, I suppose, to those millennials (and others who should know better) who live in Sanders' fantasyland, Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic party's nomination, awaiting only the formal ratification of the primary process by the party's convention in Philadelphia. In her victory speech last night, she set the stage for the stark choice facing the country this year. Speaking of America as "a big-hearted, fair-minded country," she effectively expressed the fundamental and long-term difference between the two political parties, what they value, and whose interests they seek to serve. And so defined the coming campaign.

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