Friday, July 28, 2017

Case Closed

By the narrowest of votes but decisively nonetheless, the current majority party's scandalous seven-year effort to take health care away from millions of Americans finally failed in the Senate in the early hours of the morning. As Winston Churchill famously said to the long-suffering, war-weary British people on V-E Day: "we may allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing." 

That deliverance for the millions whose hopes for health care have been so unnecessarily threatened depended entirely on the three majority-party Senators who broke ranks and voted NO. That so small a number of majority-party Senators were willing to put the interests of the American people above the obscene values of their party and its leadership only highlights the pathetic precariousness of our politics - evident not just on the Senate floor but at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

One of the Senators who voted for the majority party's bizarre bill called it "a disaster" and "a fraud." But he voted for it anyway. Case closed!

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