Saturday, March 30, 2019

Towards a Saner World

The middle section of Andrew Sullivan's weekly article in Friday's New York magazine  -
is even more than usually especially well worth reading. 

It is about "intergenerational care," the kind of inter-generational mixing that was routine for most of human history (until our own unhappy age of culturally prescribed loneliness), and focuses on his own experience of growing up with his elderly grandmother in his childhood home. I too grew up with my grandmother in my childhood home. She brought a unique dimension to our family life and was our family's link not only across time, connecting the different generations, but also across space, connecting us Americans with an Italy that was both left behind but always somehow the in the background.

Sullivan's article is an appeal to take that once virtually universal experience of inter-generational community seriously again as a recipe for finding ourselves in a saner world, repairing "human bonds, broken by capitalism and modernity and loneliness."

Everyone should read it!

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