Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a Week!

There's still lots of snow on the ground - though, of course, in classic New York fashion the street corners are now mainly puddles of cold wet slush. Walking around on Thursday, I went home at one point just to change my socks and dry my feet! But then I went out again for dinner and a movie down on Houston Street. At my age, one walks carefully on snow and ice. But in New York one still keeps walking. Were it not for having to navigate the slush, I'd probably have walked even more and done some of the shopping I had originally planned on doing. Even so, I'm sure I have walked more here in one week than in an average month at home. Walking is good. Three cheers for urban life that allows such luxuries as walking!

What with walking, eating, catching up with some friends, and the fun of spending Saturday morning with the New York Times Sunday Magazine and Book Review, I've still managed to make time to compose an appeal talk for this weekend. It's something I have never had to do before and have no real template to draw upon. But that may be just as well! I get to talk about where I am now, connecting the IC story and the Paulist mission in Tennessee and across America, within the larger narrative of how Hecker's vision that proclaiming the truth of Catholic faith would be a calming oil poured upon the troubled waters of our world.

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