Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not Just a "Dream"

Credit the potentially very close election and the need to maximize Latino turnout, whatever the immediate motivation, it was heartening to hear the President announce yesterday that the Administration will effectively employ its prosecutorial discretion to protect from deportation many of the Undocumented, who would have been the intended beneficiaries of the so-called “Dream Act” (were such legislation actually possible in the currently paralyzed political climate).

As Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles remarked yesterday in response to the Administration’s initiative: “This important action will provide protection from removal and work authorization for a vulnerable group of immigrants who deserve to remain in our country and contribute their talents to our communities.”

This well chosen action on the President’s part will be neither the eschatological fulfillment liberal supporters of the “Dream Act” desire, nor the cataclysmic apocalypse right wingers fear. It does, however, help a significant number of people – youth and young adults who (in Archbishop Gomez’s words) “are bright, energetic, and eager to pursue their education.” It also represents a worthy first-step toward breaking the legal logjam immigration issues – as well as an effective illustration of the merits of a strong Executive branch under our Constitution.

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