Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Well, the doctor didn't actually order it. But he did agree with my suggestion that it wouldn't hurt for me to fly up to New York for a few days of rest and renewal as soon as an appropriate opportunity presented itself. And so that's what I did the day after Easter.

It's been a refreshing four days - just "hanging out" at the Paulist Mother Church in midtown Manhattan and reconnecting with a few old friends. On Wednesday morning, I even made it to join my old Wednesday Breakfast group for breakfast at the famous Flame Diner at 58th and 9th! 

It has been a very short trip. So there were obviously a lot of people I  might have wanted to see that I just didn't see. In summer, when I will have more time off and will be less focused on just doing nothing for a few days, there will be that much more time to catch up with many more people. 

As everyone knows - at least since Aristotle said it, and presumably long before he said it - friends are an absolutely essential element of any happy life. Whenever I get back here, however short the visit, I am reminded what an absolute treasure friends are - and how humanly important it is to keep in serious contact with one another.

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